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        Bruce Power Community Interests Local Communities

        This document has been prepared as a supplement to Bruce Power’s Application and details its public engagement efforts.? This engagement is ongoing and therefore this document is subject to change based on additional information becoming available.? The objectives of this report are to:

        • Provide background information on the local communities surrounding the Site;
        • Detail the prior socio-economic impact assessments that have been undertaken in past reviews relating to the Site and concerns that were raised by community members in the most recent licencing hearing;
        • Explain the results of public opinion research relating to the Site that has been conducted in surrounding communities;
        • Identify information provided to the members of local communities surrounding the Site about this Application and ongoing engagement efforts; and
        • Explain how community concerns were taken into account in the Application.

        This document does contain some high-level information about the SON, the HSM, and the MNO but it is not intended to summarize any of their past or current concerns relating to the Site or Bruce Power’s engagement with these Indigenous groups on the Application.? This information is contained in separate community interest documents that have been prepared with respect to each Indigenous group.

        This document is a high-level summary and does not purport to detail every issue that has been the subject of engagement between Bruce Power and members of the public.? It was prepared based on currently available information and input received from members of the public on the Application.? Public engagement on the Application is ongoing and this document is subject to change based on additional relevant information becoming available.


        We stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities across the world in the unquestionable proclamation that the lives of BIPOC Matter. 

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