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        Economic Development and Innovation Initiative

        Join Bruce Power’s regional supply network

        Bruce Power and the County of Bruce have teamed up to establish a regional?Economic Development and Innovation Initiative?to leverage economic opportunities for communities in?Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, given Bruce Power’s multi-year, multi-billion investment program.

        A jointly funded Business Investment Specialist position has been established to create a single interface to facilitate a range of economic development and innovation ideas as part of the multi-year investment program at Bruce Power, in addition to the company’s core economic impact through operations. The position focuses on?assisting suppliers in locating to the area, and to access a range of resources and information to help ensure a successful transition?for the company and its employees.

        In addition, we have established a multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee, to bring together key leaders and organizations from across the region to support the development of a?Nuclear Industry Investment Strategy?and advance community readiness to support investment opportunities.

        For assistance in expanding your local presence, contact:

        Alison Fernandes, Director, Nuclear Economic Development,?Nuclear Innovation Institute

        Visit our Careers page for additional local supplier career information.

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