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        Guiding Procurement Principles

        Bruce Power and its suppliers operate under a set of guiding principles, which include:

        • Competitively source work to ensure that best value is realized.
        • Give preference to the selection of Suppliers who are Indigenous owned, impact the local Indigenous communities or generate local Indigenous jobs.
        • Give preference to the selection of Suppliers who can demonstrate economic benefit in Ontario, and where possible, in close geographic proximity to the Site (Bruce, Grey and Huron counties).
        • Select suppliers based on key determinants of safety, quality, cost and schedule performance (on time and on budget).
        • Assess Supplier capacity prior to awarding additional work to existing suppliers.
        • Utilize Enterprise Demand Spend Forecasting? to develop and prioritize commercial opportunities resulting in larger and longer-term opportunities via strategic supplier relationships.
        • Favour commercial models that provide cost certainty, that minimize, share and transfer risk and that provide transparency.
        • Collaborate with Ontario Power Generation where common suppliers or work programs exist.
        • Employ objective performance measures tied to fees at risk and incentives in all Master Services and Purchase Agreements.

        Shared Recruitment Policy

        With the nuclear industry undergoing major renewal across Ontario, Bruce Power is asking its supplier partners to create consistency on recruitment practices during this exciting time. To learn more about Bruce Power’s expectations with respect to recruitment practices, download this letter, which has been sent to all of the major suppliers that support the Bruce Power Life-Extension Program.

        Suppliers are asked to voluntarily recognize this shared recruitment policy.

        If you have any questions or concerns about this letter, or the policy itself, contact Richard Horrobin or Jennifer Tuer.

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