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        COVID-19 Information Updates

        Bruce Power COVID-19 Updates

        At Bruce Power, #SafetyFirst is something we expect our employees and everyone doing work on our site to keep top of mind every day. Our number one priority is to make sure every person that comes to work at our site leaves our facilities safe and healthy.

        During this extremely challenging time facing COVID-19, Bruce Power continues to put into place preventative measures to protect employee safety, and ensure we have plans in place to safely and reliably provide the province with electricity.

        This page is a roadmap to the latest information released by Bruce Power around the COVID-19 pandemic. We also encourage you to follow our social media channels to keep up to date on our initiatives to keep our employees, our families and our communities safe.

        Get Help, Stay Informed

        Grey Bruce Huron STRONG connects you to the latest health and community information.

        Mental Health Resources

        It’s okay to not be okay. Find mental health resources and support under For Employees.

        Supplier Communication

        Bruce Power Suppliers can stay up to date on recent communications and news here.

        COVID-19 Live Recordings

        Bruce Power media queries, please contact:

        E-mail:?Media Relations
        Phone: 519 361 6161

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