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        For direct media queries please contact:

        E-mail:?Media Relations
        Phone: 519 361 6161

        Environmental Stewardship


        Why is stewardship?important to Bruce Power? The Bruce site has been operating for many decades,?long before Bruce Power was created. Throughout?that operation, significant data has been accumulated?and Bruce Power has used that information to develop?an in-depth understanding of the dynamic … Read more

        2017 Environmental Monitoring Program Report


        Bruce Power is focused on providing clean energy that meets current and future electricity needs, without compromising quality of life for future generations. We care about people and the planet, while generating carbon-free electricity for over 30% of Ontarians. Read … Read more

        Bruce Power Community Interests Local Communities


        This document has been prepared as a supplement to Bruce Power’s Application and details its public engagement efforts.? This engagement is ongoing and therefore this document is subject to change based on additional information becoming available.? The objectives of this … Read more

        2017 Reportable Events


        On a quarterly basis, Bruce Power posts events reported to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission as per REGDOC 3.1.1, ‘Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants’ (formerly known as S-99 events).

        Bruce A and Bruce B Probabilistic Safety Assessments (PSA)


        Bruce Power is committed to be open and transparent with local stakeholders and the public at all times, and has proactively provided information during all steps of the relicensing process, in addition to our day-to-day interactions with the public. Related … Read more

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        Medical Isotopes - medical sterilization
        Life-Extension and jobs in the trades
        Electricity market and the price of power
        Bruce Power Life-Extension Project boosting local economy

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